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Land Survey

When we heard news of the fires affecting Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, as well as several other areas of California, our hearts sank. We know that every other resident in the area can relate. This is our home, and our neighborhoods were not only being devastated by uncontrolled wildfires, they were being devastated at alarming speed. We’re positive we weren’t the only ones glued to the news that entire week and beyond, watching and hoping it would be okay.

Now that the danger has passed, the real question comes to mind: where do we go from here?

For many of our friends, family, and neighbors, this wasn’t just a matter of hoping that their house or business would be okay. They already knew their house wasn’t okay. For them, it’s the beginning of a long process of assessing the damage and figuring out whether to rebuild or move on. This is where the job of a land surveyor comes in, and it’s what we’re here for.

Land surveyors assess thousands of properties every year, both privately and publicly held. Part of our job is letting people and companies know existing conditions of their building site, where their property boundary is located, as many familiar references may have been destroyed, and set or reset property monuments so the corners are readily visiable

If it’s been a while since your property was surveyed and you are planning future improvements, you’ll likely want to have your property surveyed. As land surveyors, we typically focus on small and large scale projects like topographic mapping, corporate projects, city surveying, railroad surveying, and construction surveying. With the widespread damage throughout the area, there’s a lot of work to be done in residential areas, as well as city spaces that were damaged (like Coffey Park) and businesses. Fire damage can cause some serious issues when it comes to the state and cost of the land, so it’s all the more important for professional certified surveyors to be on the job. Before we can rebuild, we need to know how and where.

This is going to be a large, arduous process, but it’s a process we’re here for. We stand Sonoma Strong alongside our friends and neighbors, ready to take on all the challenges the future holds. If you have any specific questions about future surveying or construction, for both residential areas and the cities themselves, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll do what we can to answer.