Different Types of Survey Mapping

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Land surveying has a lot of different uses, one of the most notable being mapmaking. However, not all maps are created equal. There are several different types of maps, all of which serve a purpose for surveying, city planning, construction, and more. The following are some of the most common types of maps created through… Read more »

Parcel Map Waivers for Santa Rosa CA

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Before you can understand why certain parcel map waivers exist for the city of Santa Rosa, you should understand what a parcel map is. Parcel maps are, in a nutshell, maps that are created by using information that’s been filed with the Town Clerk’s office. Usually surveys are part of this information and are often… Read more »

The Importance of the Correct Benchmarks and Datums

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When you’re looking at a map, you should have some idea of where you’re starting and where you want to end up. Take that same concept and apply it to surveying, and you’ll understand why it’s so important to select the right benchmark and datum for a survey job. A “benchmark” isn’t just a slang… Read more »